Why Triple H is Just Like Jay-Z (What??)


Triple H and Jay-Z. Rap and Wrestling, Not alike? No Exactly The Same

By Richard Latta II on November 17th

Triple H, and Jay-Z share more career parallels than one would think. After watching “Thy Kingdom Come” and worshipping Jay-Z for half of my life,  I was struck with this idea. I know you may be thinking this is absurd, hear me out. 

Humble beginnings : Triple H was Shawn Michaels (Biggie) & The Kliqs lackey in the beginning, as Jay-Z was a hype man to Big Daddy Kane, and was known to rap with the Notorious B.I.G from time to time. Part of a short lived super group that was broken up due to extenuating circumstances. D-Generation X = The Commission, Shawn’s Back Injury = Biggie’s death.

Rise : No one believed, (at least I didn’t) that Triple H could continue DX without Shawn Michaels. With Nas (Bret Hart) out of The Picture, (In WCW, Nas Dropping Questionable albums) few thought Jay-Z would take over New York rap. After being rebuffed by every major record label he created Rocafella Records along with friends Damon Dash & Kareem Burke. Rocafella = The New DX. Within each groups structure, each was able to show their own considerable talents and use it to launch themselves to a higher platform. Also, Chyna was the equivalent of Amil. Amil and Jay-Z were affliated a la Chyna/HHH, and were out of the picture by the time the dominance commenced. 

Run Of Dominance : Jay-Z becoming a hip hop legend and creating his most memorable work (The Blueprint, The Black Album) in my eyes is equal to HHH becoming a main eventer, and certified star from Jan 00 to April 2001. The way each of them dismantled their respective groups (Jay-Z selling his shares/retiring/becoming an executive), and (HHH turning heel on his friends for greater opportunities, marrying into the McMahon family) brought out a groan from fans of both at the time, but with retrospect was the best decision for both. 

Putting others on : Jay-Z was able to find young talent to help him extend his run and keep him fresh and make lots of $. Those talents became legends in their own rights. You may know them as Kanye West, Just Blaze, Rihanna, Rick Ross & J Cole. At the same time, Triple H was able to walk around the locker room and notice two young guys named Randy Orton and Batista. Being around HHH sped up the development of each of them and is looked at as one to credit for their success. Kanye West = Randy Orton. Watch The Throne/Blueprint 3 = Headlining a Wrestlemania with both Orton & Batista.

Setbacks : Retirement for Jay-Z and quad injuries for HHH, took some time off each mans career and made them more determined to comeback better than ever. This is where its even weirder. While HHH is still an elite level performer, they are no longer the square focus of the genre as new stars have come to define a new era. (John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan) The same can be said for Jay-Z.(Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne) Now he still releases huge albums, but there is a feeling like it isn’t the same as it once was. 

Executive/Late Career Excellence/Caretaker Of The Genre : Both men ended up in charge of the companies they revolutionized and drew unfair criticism from those scorned by their rise. (Washed up rappers, friends turned foe, Disgruntled wrestlers, The IWC) Both married what seemed to be unattainable partners, as Beyonce always seemed like a dream for every heterosexual male and Stephanie broke the “No Dating Wrestlers” rule imposed by Vince. Jay-Z will pop out of no where with a Magna Carta Holy Grail, while HHH will steal the show at Wrestlemania as he’s done the last 3 years. HHH has an unreal amount of championship reigns, which come out to as many #1 albums Jay has had. Each man has taken to ensuring the next generation of stars is shown the right way and made sure each genre/sport is secure. Jay-Z with Roc Nation Management & HHH spearheading the WWE Performance center, which develops tomorrows talent today. Crazy. 

Hope you all enjoyed this. Please Comment if you agree!



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