Survivor Series Predictions & Perspective


This Sunday is WWE Survivor Series. As of right now there are 6 Matches Confirmed, including the kickoff match between newly turned heel The Miz and Kofi Kingston, (Miz Wins) The glaring absences of Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow become very apparent when one scans the entire card, more on this later. But hey, anytime you can get Eva Marie & Jojo on the card you gotta do it!! On to the matches.

TRADITIONAL SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH : CodeDust, The Usos, & Rey Mysterio vs The Shield & The Real Americans.

All solid in ring performers here. I cannot help feeling like we saw the real Survivor Series match this past Monday. They confirmed this match out of nowhere over the weekend, but at least the opponents have some type of recent history which is more than I can say for the matches from the last few years. I’m looking forward to seeing Rollins and Mysterio get at it and sell for each other. Goldust vs Cesaro is a nice face off at this point, as Cesaro continues to gain momentum for his eventual face turn. 

PREDICTION – HEELS (Sole Survivors Roman Reigns, Antonio Cesaro) Reigns is a monster who will be around Gold VERY SOON.


The feud that exists outside of the realm of the rest of WWE. This feels directly out of the 1980s where the foreign heel is pouncing on a vulnerable champion. The last few interactions between these two were very good. I liked the vicious beatdown at the Arm Wrestling contest that Del Rio didn’t have a shot in hell at winning whether it was fixed or not. Del Rio doesn’t get enough credit for getting past the language barrier while being heelish and witty during his promos. The arm in a sling set up Cena pulled was absolutely classic. Alberto Del Rio has been in every WHC PPV match this year. Unless WWE decides to get cute, this will be the last one. We’re still in the opening act of Cena’s reign. I don’t expect him to drop the belt until after Royal Rumble. Cena has already elevated Smackdown & the title in just under a month.

PREDICTION – Cena Wins LOL (Had to)

TRADITIONAL SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH : Total Divas (Natalya, The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Eva Marie & Jojo) vs Everyone not on Total Divas ( AJ Lee, Tamina, KaitlynAlicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, & Summer Rae) Shockingly the WWE has more than 5 divas worth a damn. Not counting Eva Marie, Jojo, Fox, Cameron and Rosa, this could be pretty good in the ring. Just disregard 5 participants. Here are some questions. Is Kaitlyn now a heel? How is she going to get along with AJ? Will Tamina continue to Superfly Splash people with her knees hitting the mat first? How will Eva Marie leave more hated than she enters? How many times has Alicia Fox turned heel, face, then heel again? Will we see Nikki and Brie implode? Will AJ get left 7 on 1? Will Jojo tag in the match? I could keep going but I’ll save the rest of the jokes for you all. Anyways on to the prediction. 

PREDICTION – Total Divas in a Sweep, 7-0. AJ is the best diva right now. WWE seems to be trying to figure out who they want to challenge her. GO NAOMI!!! 

Tag Team Match Playas : CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family.

The night after Hell in a Cell I was furious. I haven’t exactly been blown away by the Wyatt Family thus far, and felt WWE was dropping the ball by sticking Daniel Bryan in a feud with them. I wasn’t as worried about Punk as he hadn’t been on fire as much lately, and felt they were setting him up for a big run in early 2014. The Wyatt Family haven’t made sense at all. My buddy James texted me last night, ” Who’s Abigail? Who’s The Devil? What’s their purpose? Why is a 6’8 guy walking around wearing a sheep mask? What did they do to Kane after Summerslam?” All questions I laughed at and had no answer for. Luke Harper’s incoherent “Yay yay yay yay” has turned into sheer comedy everytime I hear it. He sounds like something out of the movie Wrong Turn. The story here is the tag team of Punk and Bryan and how it will be going forward. I see Punk winning the title soon and Bryan winning the Royal Rumble, and in a test to their friendship they will face off at or before Wrestlemania. It’s good to see Harper and Rowan aren’t stiffs as I originally thought, but not seeing Wyatt in the match raises concern. 

PREDICTION : The Indy Mega Powers. Y’all saw the 2011 Survivor Series right? Punk and Bryan are about to get the Rock/Cena treatment in defeating “Evil” and furthering their own story. 

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH : The Big Show vs Randy Orton (C)

Wasn’t this a midcard match at Extreme Rules no one gave a flying fuck about??? Ok just checking. Big Show cried for 3 months, very entertaining by the way, got fired, showed up every week, knocked out Dusty Rhodes, got his job back and showed up in a semi one week. Triple H held the title in abeyance and Big Show took it upon himself to decide the outcome. As every week went by, it seemed we were getting closer to the HHH vs Big Show match that was brewing. Meanwhile Randy Orton was there too. Yeah him, the WWE Champion who’s getting all of his heat repossessed by Stephanie and HHH. The WWE Championship has become a proxy for a part time wrestler and The Big Show. That’s depressing. Orton is kind of stuck in the middle and is doing his best, but its just not connecting. He isn’t the villain everyone wants to see get theirs. Triple H is. They should have found a way to hotshot the belt onto HHH. Now I know that thought makes the IWC cringe, but it would complete the story they are going for. Whether Bryan ends up taking the belt off of him or Big Show wins it. With this no help from The Shield order, foolishness is sure to ensue. Orton hasn’t connected thus far but I cannot come up with a good reason to give Big Show the belt. 

PREDICTION : Randy Orton. Just because The Shield can’t interfere, that doesn’t mean the devil can’t send the Wyatts out there. This will give Orton enough to get out of this match with the belt and it will move Show onto Bray Wyatt.

WHOS MISSING : Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd, Big E Langston, R Truth, Damien Sandow, Fandango, Ryback, and Curtis Axel. Look for this to be a 4 on 4 unannounced match, unless they add a 5th guy to each side. 

So, those are my predictions. What are yours??? Let me know on twitter or here @OneNationRadio @DangerRich32 

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