9 Insufferable WWE Title Reigns Fans Couldn’t Wait To See End


From Pro Wrestling’s inception, championships have been used to determine the top performers in the industry. Some of those champions were responsible for historically great reigns, while others became so insufferable, we could no longer stand the sight of them wearing gold. But how did they reach that point? The most recent major title change, involving John Cena and Brock Lesnar, is reason enough to explore other times when fans were begging to see a champion lose, and what they would accept in place of him.

Therefore, who were the most insufferable champions to lace up their boots? Who were the guys that made people want to stop watching until their run was over? The ones that held the title for what seemed to be forever? While anyone could be hated, the recurring themes seemed to be; outrageous cheating at every turn, perceived real life influence on the title, or the most fascinating case, championship overkill.

It’s important to remember, every champion is crowned to ultimately be defeated, no matter how unstoppable they seem, or excruciating the actual run may be. Nevertheless, the following list contains wrestlers who wore out their welcome as champion, long before they were actually dethroned.
Here are 9 Insufferable Championship Reigns Fans Couldn’t Wait To See End.

Read The List Here http://whatculture.com/wwe/9-insufferable-wwe-title-reigns-fans-couldnt-wait-to-see-end.php


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