#ModernDayNitroReview – WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode 31

Hulk Hogan vs Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan
Immediately, we are thrown into action with The Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan and Arn Anderson teaming up to take on the white meat babyface himself, Hulk Hogan.
Hogan is out to a large pop, and plenty of pyro. He rolls in the ring and is immediately pummeled by Anderson and Sullivan. After a short comeback, Hogan promptly locks in a figure four leg lock that would make everyone take back all the joked they cracked on The Miz. Heenan chimes in with “He doesn’t have it on good!” Indeed, Bobby.
Amazingly enough, he locked it on again terribly. I’ve got to question how anyone was supposed to take The Taskmaster seriously as threat to Hogan. Hogan historically was a giant slayer, literally. All Taskmaster looked like was a miniature version of Hogan in his yellow tights, balding and all.

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#ModernDayNitroReview – WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode 31


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