11 Biggest Conclusions Drawn From #WWE #NightOfChampions 2015


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8 Things That Doomed Seth Rollins WWE Title Reign From The Start



At WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in shocking fashion. During a better than expected clash between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins did the unthinkable by turning the brutal main event into a triple threat match, and made history in the process. Michael Cole declared his triumph to be “the heist of the century.” Little did we know, this was the zenith of Rollins run as the man in WWE.

The 15 Best #WWE Face VS Face Matches Ever

Cena Rock

As evidenced in some of the biggest matches of all-time, Pro Wrestling’s central narrative is the battle of Good vs. Evil. Matches such as Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes, and Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon proved that a hero and villain competing for reasons based on moral disagreements, will always be a compelling story for an audience simply because spectators at large love to see malevolent people get what’s coming to them.

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Austin vs Lesnar WrestleMania 32: 10 Most Compelling Factors


It’s been 13 years since Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar was first presented to WWE fans. In June 2002, a match between the air was announced on a random Monday Night Raw as a King of the Ring qualifying match without any build-up whatsoever, with Lesnar only a few weeks into his time on the WWE roster.

However, that match never occurred due to Austin’s objection to losing clean to a rookie without any build-up, and his growing frustration with WWE creative that stretched back to Wrestlemania 18. The legend of the match has grown considerably in recent times, partly because of how large Lesnar became as a main evener that transcended the sport, and it being the tipping point of Austin leaving the company.