The 13 Greatest Things About WWE’s New Generation Era

With each passing mention of WWE’s ‘New Era’, which is said without shame several times per episode every Monday and Thursday night, it harkens back to a previous time WWE tried to aggressively promote a New Era. Back in 1992, the WWE roster went through a massive undertaking and ridded itself of many of the stars of the 80s for various reasons. Whether they were stars who just couldn’t cut the mustard anymore, didn’t fit Vince’s vision, or were synthetically enhanced; there were gaping holes and a bleak outlook for the future of the promotion.


While the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, and Ric Flair were no longer around, WWE developed a brand new nucleus built around Bret Hart, The Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels who each put away stalwarts of the previous era at WrestleMania VIII, when Roddy Piper, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and Tito Santana bowed in defeat to the aforementioned stars. Bret Hart would later win the WWE Championship in October ’92 from Ric Flair, but the era didn’t officially change over until the next summer which we’ll be looking at shortly.

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12 MAJOR Questions About The New WWE Brand Split

It’s finally here, WWE has decided to institute a brand split. Starting July 19th, the roster will be divided and SmackDown will be its own live show on Tuesday nights. This comes at a time when many Superstars will be returning from injuries, as WWE will look to further define their New Era. Nevertheless, there are several major questions and concerns about this new brand split.

The last time WWE engaged in splitting their roster, it never felt like a level playing field. No matter how good the wrestling was on SmackDown, it was always about Raw. Monday Night Raw is the flagship show and it will be interesting to see if WWE continues to refer to it as such. This new development brings not only superstars into question, but announcers, title belts, PPVs, and everyone’s favorite; the part-time wrestlers. Regardless of what side of this debate you fall on, whether you think the roster is fine the way it is or you would like to see a return to whatever 2002 through 2011 was, the news of this will affect how you choose to view wrestling from this point forward.

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Why Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Should Main Event Summerslam

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While most fans I’ve conversed with would have liked Sasha Banks to win the championship, this sets up WWE to really see where they stand on how much they want to push the women. If it’s not just all talk, Charlotte vs Sasha Banks should headline Summerslam 2016.

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Eva Marie – The All Red Revolution Will Begin Soon, Are You Ready?

Eva Marie Is Here, Are Yall Ready?

Eva Marie – The All Red Revolution Will Begin Soon, Are You Ready?

Eva Marie

Kevin Owens Officially Signs Main Roster Contract With WWE.


It’s time for Kevin Owens to “Fight Owens Fight” on Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown, for his family.

According to F4WOnline.Com, Kevin Owens has signed a main roster contract with WWE. He will be making the transition from the NXT brand to the main brand quickly.

Going forward, he is booked for all Raw television and will be starting on a full house show scheduled very soon.  He will continue as a character on NXT television for the couple of months to where it’s a smooth transition out since he’s the group’s current champion.

This is major news for NXT and Raw as it has to be asked, how will the top of NXT’s main roster continue to keep the momentum going forward? What exactly does a smooth transition mean? This could mean the debut of a guy like Uhaa Nation to step into the gaping hole Kevin Owens’ departure creates.

Subsequently, the injuries of Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami have created more questions about depth in NXT. It’s time to debut/elevate other NXT stars to help continue the upward climb with their national tour starting soon. Or look for NXT’s already shining Women’s division to claim more real estate at the very TOP of the card.

Conversely, unleashing the talents of Kevin Owens in WWE adds a compelling character at a time where one of those is desperately needed. One could imagine Owens joining The Authority as their new recruit, to use as a vehicle to turn Seth Rollins face, and keep Kevin Owens as a main event star. His addition comes at a great time with not only Money In The Bank around the corner, but Summerslam on the horizon.

Surely, WWE will handle Owens early time on the main roster carefully as he is seen as a cornerstone of the future.