12 MAJOR Questions About The New WWE Brand Split

It’s finally here, WWE has decided to institute a brand split. Starting July 19th, the roster will be divided and SmackDown will be its own live show on Tuesday nights. This comes at a time when many Superstars will be returning from injuries, as WWE will look to further define their New Era. Nevertheless, there are several major questions and concerns about this new brand split.

The last time WWE engaged in splitting their roster, it never felt like a level playing field. No matter how good the wrestling was on SmackDown, it was always about Raw. Monday Night Raw is the flagship show and it will be interesting to see if WWE continues to refer to it as such. This new development brings not only superstars into question, but announcers, title belts, PPVs, and everyone’s favorite; the part-time wrestlers. Regardless of what side of this debate you fall on, whether you think the roster is fine the way it is or you would like to see a return to whatever 2002 through 2011 was, the news of this will affect how you choose to view wrestling from this point forward.

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5 Casket WWE Matches To Watch Before Daniel Bryan vs Kane



On the January 29th edition of Smackdown, the long running feud between Daniel Bryan and Kane will be settled in the 20th ever Casket Match. Before anyone makes the joke that WWE will finish its burial job of Daniel Bryan, Bryan has pretty much owned Kane since Summerslam 2012 in one way or another. However, Kane just won’t go away. Hopefully, this Casket Match will settle things.